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Teropong Malam Bushnell Night Vision 5x42

Teropong Malam Bushnell Night Vision 5x42

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Bushnell Night Vision 5x42
Teropong Malam Bushnell 5x42

Bushnell Night Vision 5x42 Stealth View Monocular 260542 is another entry in the high-quality Night Vision Optics line from Bushnell. The StealthView Digital Night Vision Scope uses a powerful infrared spotlight imageto produce images with resolution rivaling that of Generation 2 and Generation 3 optics. Even in pitch darkness at long range, Bushnell night vision scopes produce a view that is sharp from edge to edge, and they're effective in complete darkness and at long distances. As the name suggests, they're also invisible to game animals and observers. No telling how you'll react when faced with what lurks after dark, but with Bushnell Night Vision, time will never again dictate your hours of operation. These optics turn night into day with built-in infrared illuminators and advanced light-gathering technology.

Discover the StealthView difference! Enhanced by powerful infrared illuminators, the Bushnell StealthView Digital Night Vision monocular produces images with resolution similar to much more costly Generation 2 and 3 optics. This remarkable technology was born from Bushnell technological expertise, and of course, their undying drive to be the best. Bushnell Digital Night Vision products collect existing light through the objective lens. The light is then processed through a highly sensitive complementary metal oxide semiconductor and transferred to the micro display (black and white viewing screen). Images viewed through the viewing screen are magnified 5 times. The Bushnell StealthView has two infrared illuminators: a short range illuminator which is always on when the device is on, and a "Super" infrared illuminator used for objects at longer distances and for exceptionally dark conditions.
Binocular Bushnell Night Vision 5x42 uses:

  • Scouting game
  • Security and surveillance
  • Camping fun
  • Exploring caves
  • Nighttime navigation
  • Night fishing and boating
  • Wildlife observation
  • Search and rescue

The Bushnell StealthView is ideal for camping, caving, scouting, maritime navigation, and observing wildlife under the veil of darkness, patrolling warehouses and similar surveillance operations where light is scarce. Get your Bushnell Night Vision Monocular today! For a complete line of night vision related products by Bushnell, please check out the Bushnell night vision page. You can find the Bushnell Night Vision 5x42 Stealth View Monocular 26-0542 as well as many other Night Vision products from Bushnell.

Specifications for Bushnell Night Vision 5 x 42 Stealth View Monocular 260542:

  • Power x Obj.:    5x42
  • Viewing Range:    1-600 / 0.3-549
  • FOV, ft.@1000yds. / m@1000m:    30 / 10
  • Infrared Illuminator:    Yes(Dual)
  • Battery Type:    AA(6)
  • Size, in./mm:    6.5x4x2.3 / 166x102x57
  • Weight, oz./g:    20.2 / 573
  • Tripod Mount:    Yes

Features of Bushnell Night Vision 5x42 Stealth View Monocular 260542:

  • Images comparable to Gen 2+
  • CMOS vs image-intensifier tube
  • In-view B&W micro display
  • Adjustable eyepiece
  • Powerful infrared spotlight
  • 600-feet viewing range
  • Weather resistant
  • Video output
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Operates on 6 AA batteries
  • 2-hour continuous run time w/ IR on and 8 hours without IR

Package Contents:

  • Bushnell Night Vision 5x42 Stealth View Monocular 260542
  • 2 year limited lifetime warranty from Bushnell

Beli Teropong Malam Bushnell 5x42 dan lengkapi peralatan pengamatan satwa liar, berkemah, dan pekerjaan patroli serta survey anda dengan mengunakan Teropong Malam Nightvision Infrared Harga kompetitif Tentunya Gratis antar untuk Area Jakarta dan dapat dikirim keseluruh Indonesia, Jika membutuhkan Penawaran Harga hubungi sales kami Email  

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