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Telescope Bushnell NorthStar 525 x 3

Telescope Bushnell NorthStar 525 x 3

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Kode Produk: Bushnell NorthStar 700mm x 3" 788831
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Telescope Bushnell NorthStar
Bushnell NorthStar 525 x 3" Reflector Telescope 788831

Bushnell North Star Reflector Telescope with RVO (RealVoice Output) is a quantum leap for the modern computerized telescopes. Bushnell NorthStar Reflector Telescope offers novice telescope users a plethora of celestial views at the touch of a button. Bushnell North Star Reflector Telescope 78-8831 is the latest Bushnell Telescope model and it offers Bushnell's new RVO (Real Voice Output) system that features verbal communications. Advanced motorized "go to" technology enables the computer to automatically find and follow any object from its 20,000 object database. Bushnell NorthStar Reflector Telescope 788831 includes a remote control handset with red illuminated LCD readout and red backlit buttons. Also features the new wide-field red dot finderscope, which utilizes a red LED projection. This 1x finderscope will easily allow any user to quickly sight in an area of the sky and find night sky objects quickly. Additional features include quick release accessory tray and tripod legs for an easy two-step assembly.

Bushnell NorthStar telescopes offer the amateur astronomer state-of-the-art computer-driven location and tracking capability with simple, push-button control. With a built-in data base of 20,000 celestial objects, you simply call up your target on the hand-held control module of a Bushnell North Star telescope, enter a simple "go to" command and the Northstar computer does the rest. Once locked on, tracking the object with Bushnell Reflector Motorized Go To Telescope for prolonged viewing is automatic. Bushnell new RVO (Real Voice Output) is built in to the remote control handset on both, Bushnell Model #78-8831 76mm Reflector Telescope and Bushnell Model #78-8846 114mm Reflector Telescope offer verbal communications. Along the way this Bushnell RVO telescope will speak various helpful comments during the alignment process. Once aligned, the Real Voice Output feature will really shine anytime the enter key is depressed when an object name or number is displayed at the bottom right of the LCD viewscreen. That object description will be spoken to you by the Bushnell Motorized GoTo North Star Reflector Telescope as you follow along with the scrolling text description. If at anytime you wish to disable the speaking feature of your Bushnell Telescope, you can cancel the speech by pressing the "Back" button on the remote control keypad.

Specifications for Bushnell Motorized GoTo North Star RVO (Real Voice Output) Reflector Telescope 78-8831:

  • FOCAL LENGTH (mm):700
  • EYEPIECES:4mm, 20mm
  • Shipping Weight:20lb
  • Objective lens:    3"
  • MAGNIFICATIONS:    35, 105, 175, 525
  • GREAT FOR:First Time Astronomers, Intermediate Astronomers

Features of Bushnell Motorized GoTo North Star RVO Reflector Telescope:

  • 20,000 Object Onboard Starfinding Computer With Real Voice Output
  • Kinematic Motion
  • Quick-Release Adjustable Aluminum Tripod
  • 1.25" Format Eyepieces
  • Barlow Lens
  • Red Dot LED Finderscope
  • Accessory Tray
  • Camera Adaptable
  • 2-Step Assembly

Package Contents:

  • Bushnell 78-8831 Motorized GoTo North Star RVO Reflector Telescope


Jual Teleskop Bushnell NorthStar 525 x 3" Reflector Telescope 788831 dan lengkapi peralatan pengamatan astronomi menjelajahi langit pada malam hari dengan mengunakan dengan Telescope Bushnell Harga kompetitif Tentunya Gratis antar untuk Area Jakarta dan dapat dikirim keseluruh Indonesia, Jika membutuhkan Penawaran Harga hubungi sales kami Email atau Hubungi 021-71399316

Note :
Teleskop adalah instrumen pengamatan yang berfungsi mengumpulkan radiasi elektromagnetik dan sekaligus membentuk citra dari benda yang diamati. Teleskop merupakan alat paling penting dalam pengamatan astronomi. Jenis teleskop (biasanya optik) yang dipakai untuk maksud bukan astronomis antara lain adalah transit, monokular, binokular, lensa kamera, atau keker. Teleskop memperbesar ukuran sudut benda, dan juga kecerahannya.


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